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Pancham Unmixed:  Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai

A film by Brahmanand S Siingh



Winner of 2 National Awards, Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai (113 minutes) takes an incisive look at the legendary composer, RD Burman’s reflective artistry, and buoyant-but-also-lonely inner being. Featuring a host of close friends, colleagues, and admirers, the film evokes awe, admiration and nostalgia the way most of his music does, till date.

Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai by Brahmanand S Siingh has been recognized as the most definitive film on one of the most versatile composers of the Hindi Film Music Industry, who brought about a revolution in the popular music of its time in the late 60s, almost single-handedly. For the next two decades, the film explores through a gripping narrative, how he captured the musical imagination of an entire subcontinent like none before — right from the entertainment seeking popular masses to the connoisseurs of classical Hindustani and Western, Jazz, Opera and Pop music. And, almost two decades after his demise, why he continues to be re-mixed and idolized endlessly, even today.


About Director – Brahmanand S Siingh 


Brahmanand S Siingh, an award-winning producer-director, Mobius Films has produced and co-produced many films at a moderate scale. Prominent films produced by this banner are Pancham UnmixedMujheChalteJaanaHaiKaagaz Ki Kashti(Paperboat), Riding on a SunbeamJourneys through Space, Time, Life & LoveThrough Our Eyes & many more.



Currently, Mobius is producing its first feature film, Jhalki … a different childhood, which is ready for sales and distribution. Another feature film under development is Surmayee Shaam.

Siingh has also initiated a path-breaking venture — a series of well researched, grippingly told, tastefully presented and thoroughly distributed Biopics under Mobius Biopics Pvt Ltd.


In Continuation Of The Magic Of RD, We have Also Launched:


Knowing Pancham

Featuring people who knew him best, worked with him and some from the newer generation who revere and interpret RD’s music perceptively, Knowing Pancham is an exciting collection of over 5 hours of priceless anecdotes, insights, and observations.

Much more and beyond what you came across in the National Award-winning film, PANCHAM UNMIXED: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai, which has enthralled audiences, music lovers and Pancham fans across the world … From Romania to Cochin, from Mexico to Jaipur, from New York to Pune, from Tokyo to Kolkata … in over hundreds of screenings & thousands of DVD & Youtube viewings …Touching thousands of lives and energizing them in curiously spiritual ways … the collection brings to life, RD Burman’s reflective artistry and buoyant-but-also-lonely inner being, like never before. A must view for Pancham fans, music-lovers & professionals from myriad backgrounds … there is something in it for everyone.

3 DVD Pack with Sleev- fonts curved


Ameen Sayani, Amit Kumar,  Anand & Asha Bhosle, Annette Pinto, Badal & Mili Bhattacharya, Bhanu Gupta, Bhupinder Singh, Bubbles Behl, Chaitanya Padukone, Doel Gupta, Emil Isaac, Gautam Rajadhyaksha, Goldie Behl, Gulshan & Anju Bawra, Gulzar, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Homi Mullan, Indrani Sen, Indru Atma, Ismail Darbar, Javed Akhtar, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kersi Lord, Lesle Lewis , Louis Banks, Manna Dey, Manohari Singh , Nitin Shankar, Pyarelal, Ramesh Iyer, Randhir Kapoor, Ranjit Gazmer,  Rishi Kapoor, Pt. Ronu Majumdar, Rupankar, Sachin Bhowmick, Shailendra Singh, Shakti Samanta, Shammi Kapoor, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Shantanu Moitra, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Shrishti Arya, Tabun Sutradhar , Taufiq Qureshi, Pt. Ulhas Bapat, Usha Uthup, Uttam Singh, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Vishal Bhardawaj.

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Diamonds and Rust 

Untitled-1DIAMONDS & RUST …an exciting coffee-table book on RD Burman by Brahmanand S Siingh & Gaurav Sharma

 Diamonds & Rust is a somewhat unusual and amazing tapestry of anecdotes, insights, observations and take-offs on RD Burman, the maverick Indian music composer. It sprinkles thoughts from some of the most celebrated greats of all times (from Lennon and Quincy Jones to Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda and Anais Nin to Gibran, Emerson, Rumi and Lao Tzu), which connects us with RD Burman’s life, music, attitude and deeper philosophies.


 Sometimes informative, sometimes reflective and profound, this music buff’s treasure-chest reverberates with a musical feel of its own, into RD’s and perhaps all ours … lives, hopes, fears, insecurities, intuitions, creativity and the most compelling truths that we have somehow always known in all our hearts.

 Revolving around the award-winning cult biopic on RD Burman, Pancham Unmixed and its additional priceless interview collection, Knowing Pancham, this elegantly composed and designed coffee-table book on the brilliant and loved composer’s life gives us a very different set of perspectives into his music and persona like never before.


 About the writers

 Brahmanand S Siingh is the maker of the award-winning film, Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai, a film that enjoys great cult and critical success (details on

 Gaurav Sharma, an IIT-IIM graduate, is an avid admirer of Pancham’s music since the last 20 years immersing himself deep into studying, understanding and thoroughly enjoying RD’s music and life.


 Along With …

Diamonds & Rust comes with a priceless collection of over 5 hours of conversations in the form of a video book, Knowing Pancham, for the first time in India, specially meta-tagged into the following chapters of RD Burman’s life and his musical journey.



Trailers :

Trailer of Film Biography on RD Burman (Pancham): Pancham Unmixed … Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai


Pancham Unmixed Testimonials 


Knowing Pancham Promo trailer 


Director’s take on Knowing Pancham


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