About Us

Mobius Films is a space where work, life and play intersect effortlessly. It’s a space that hums with energy, drive and passion to create content that is much more than just entertainment.

All films by Mobius explore spaces, worlds and mindsets that make you think and see people & their lives, success and failures in a very different and inspirational way… and in the process change the way entertainment sees education and education sees entertainment.

To Create Exciting, Engaging, Entertaining and Transformational content …
To Empower people to Dream, Believe, Trust, Risk, Experience, Innovate, Excel, Participate and Celebrate …
To usher in a dynamic change in the way Entertainment, Educational & Inspirational content is seen and consumed world over …

Brahmanand is a very unique combination of being an outstanding, multiple award-winning and well-recognized filmmaker, a vastly published author, a speaker, a visionary and an entrepreneur based out of Mumbai. He is the source of the vision, energy, drive and passion that Mobius thrives on.

Best known for his films like Jhalki: Tale of a Tireless Sparrow, a lyrical story of lost childhood, Kaagaz Ki Kashti, a biopic on legendary ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh and his National-Award winning (among many other awards and accolades) biopic on RD Burman,Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai, which continues to enjoy a sweeping cult, critical and popular acclaim across viewing platforms.

“Life is a story we tell to others and to ourselves … make sure it’s well-told!”

Founder-Chairman & CEO

Siingh often brings out an insightful, exploring and reflective dimensions in the subjects that excite him, bringing out its core essence in a soulful and captivating manner. His next feature films Surmayee Shaam, Rumi’s Secret and some compelling web series initiatives are under development.

He has also initiated a few path-breaking ventures — a series of well-researched, grippingly-told, tastefully-presented and thoroughly-distributed Series of Biopics and a platform of compelling stories in the form of personal films under his wing called HighLife Films.

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