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Kaagaz Ki Kashti 
a film biography by Brahmanand S Siingh

50 years of singing, over 5,000 concerts, more than 40 countries on music tours … 80 albums, 500 plus ghazals, 300 bhajans and many memorable film songs that will resound loud for eternity … Jagjit Singh was perhaps the first Independent music star of India. Brahmanand Siingh’s Kaagaz Ki Kashti brings us the legends life story interwoven with his musical journey, highs-lows, losses and all his soulful yet resounding ghazals … which will live with us forever.

In the 75th birth year of Jagjit Singh, Kaagaz Ki Kashti –Jagjit Singh Come Alive,  is all set to release and spread the magic around the world.

Jagjit singh_02

About Kaagaz Ki Kashti

In an era when Bollywood music ruled the Indian households and when Ghazal as a genre was limited to only the connoisseurs, Jagjit Singh made Ghazals a necessity of every music lover’s collection. With a voice as cool as ice and stirring enough to break or mend your heart, he brought to life some of the most fascinating compositions of all times with unparalleled charm.

Kaagaz Ki Kashti traces the life journey of a down-to-earth, small-town boy, who made it big by breaking through the norms and revolutionizing the Ghazal scenario, by texturing traditional Ghazal singing with western instrumentation and making it simple and hummable, enticing new listeners into becoming Ghazal fans. Tracing three converging tracks … the struggle and stardom in his musical career, the love & loss in his personal life and the scope and limitations in the music scenario of the times.

Jagjit singh_04

Kaagaz Ki Kashti is an evocative film of not just Jagjit Singh’s life, but also of the monumental legacy he has left behind. Through in-depth conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and through archival footage, the film becomes an intimate portrait of the iconic Ghazal maestro, Padma Bhushan Jagjit Singh.

From the makers of the award-winning film on RD Burman, Pancham Unmixed, now comes another riveting film that explores the artistry and pioneering positioning of the larger-than-life yet man-next-door icon, Jagjit Singh … with charm, delight, depth, insight, humor in the process of a gripping narrative of one of the most admired and loved musicians of the century.

Jagjit singh_03


Chitra Singh, Gulzar, Mahesh Bhatt, Subhash Ghai, Ustaad Zakir Hussain, Pankaj Udhas, Ghulam Ali, Roop Kumar Rathod, Anup Jalota, Talat Aziz, Ameesha Patel, Sunil Gavaskar, Geeta Prem, Kartar Singh, Salim Arif, Shamir Tandon, Shekhar Sen, Deepak Khazanchi, Pt Ronu Majumdar, Abhinav Upadhayay, Deepak Pandit, Kuldeep Desai, Raja Sehgal and many more …

About Director – Brahmanand S Siingh


Brahmanand S Siingh, a National-Award winning filmmaker, is a very unique combination of being an outstanding, recognized filmmaker, a vastly published author and a Life Coach. He has also been awarded the REX-Karmaveer-Chakra Awards, in partnership with the United Nations, for transforming lives through social impact projects and ideas of hope.

He has been vastly recognized for his experiential and inspirational biopics on iconic legends like RD Burman and Jagjit Singh (Pancham Unmixed & Kaagaz Ki Kashti), movies that have acquired a cult status, in addition to social and emotional cause-based films like Jhalki, a story of hope, courage, compassion and self-belief against the backdrop of a story of lost childhood & human trafficking. Many other films like Riding on a Sunbeam, Through our Eyes, Ashgari Bai, Ragpickers, Uncaging the Body and A Burden of Love continue to be popular and loved.


“Life is a story we tell to others and to ourselves

… make sure it’s well-told!”

All his films explore spaces, worlds and mindsets that make you think and see people & their lives, success, failures, and life itself, in a very different and inspirational way, as something that we all carry inside us and need to tap it within our own selves.

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About Mobius Films 

Mobius Films is a space where work, life and play intersect effortlessly … a space that hums with energy, drive and passion … to create works that are much more than just entertainment.

Spearheaded by Brahmanand S Siingh, an award-winning producer-director, Mobius Films has produced or co-produced many films at a moderate scale. Prominent among the films under this production banner are, Kaagaz Ki Kashti (Paperboat … 129 mins), a biopic on legendary ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, is already sailing on appreciative waves. The National-Award winning (among many other awards and accolades) feature-length documentary on RD Burman, Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai, (113 mins) continues to enjoy an amazing, sweeping cult, critical and popular acclaim across viewing platforms.

Other recent feature documentaries like Riding on a Sunbeam: Journeys through Space, Time, Life & Love (108 mins), a fascinating travel documentary on the way non-touristy India presents itself to us; Through Our Eyes (85 mins), a group of batch-mates from a premiere Institute looking back at their elliptical journey of 25 years while continuing to dream ahead are also being extremely well-received. Even earlier, somewhat shorter works like Ragpickers; Uncaging the Body (Apsara Award for Best Short Film, 2003-2004); A Burden of Love (on Alzheimer’s disease); Ashgari Bai (on an octogenarian legendary dhrupad singer) and a whole lot of other short, corporate and documentary films have drawn great response, highly recognized for its sensitivity, authenticity and engaging quality.

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In addition, Mobius Films has produced and delivered a whole lot of other short & long corporate and documentary films, which have been commissioned from various sources and have been applauded for its efficient, meticulous and seamless manner of operations.

Mobius Films is known for its insightful, exploring and reflective quality in the subjects that it takes up to explore, bringing out its core essence in a soulful and captivating manner. Many of these films have been screened at various international film festivals as well as on national and international television channels, and have been nominated for and won, national and international awards.

Currently, Mobius Films is producing another feature-documentary, Quawwali: A Soulful Flight and developing a feature project, Jhalki … Ek Aur Bachpan (A Different Childhood) … the International buzz for which is already considered very high. Mobius Films has also initiated a path-breaking venture, a series of well-researched, grippingly-told, tastefully presented and thoroughly-distributed Biopics under Mobius Biopics Pvt Ltd.


Jagjitji is no more yet through clips, people who knew him, etc. you recreated for us rather brought back a live person most loved. When the film gets over, it comes as a shock to experience the void his absence creates. It takes some time to come to terms with one’s thoughts, emotions and perceptions of the film and the presence of the person who now is no more, to bridge the entity to now non-entity. There are other emotions too involved and only silence can help everything settle down. To imbibe and get back to reality is a process every individual needs to pass through, where we fit in the pieces together our individual way. It’s not just Jagjitji, could be some other humane person, a good human being but it is the way the whole is presented that stuns the mind. It is the director’s wand that casts the spell. Hope to see your earlier one on R.D. Burman. Good luck! 
– Usha Thanawala

Brahmaand Singh’s meticulously researched, superbly edited labour of love brings alive the man, his music and the highs and lows of a ghazal maestro we all cherish … It is a film that we wish never ends, such is the wealth of detail and insight that Singh brings to the evocatively titled Kagaz Ki Kashti. 
– Maithili Rao.

This really pulled at my heart … I think every Indian who has ever known or heard of his music … must see this film … This film must have a worldwide distribution. So the millions of Indians can see … This man is still alive. This film makes him. And all I could think at the end of the film was … I wish I had met this man. It was really special … Great job !!!
– Caroline Liberman

What an amazing experience! What a genius piece of work! Moving and Mesmerising! I think, for the entire duration of the film … I was deeply and emotionally involved … it’s a fabulous piece of work. Not just about the music … but the man behind the music. And how it has touched our souls. It was an overwhelming and … completely inspiring experience.
– Shilpa Sinha

Oh! It was absolutely mesmerizing … This is a film which is going to stay with people … for many, many years. You really feel sad when it ends. I wanted to see more of what he has created … I’m totally thrilled. A mesmerizing experience!! 
– Brajendra Mishra

Working Still 3

The film refuses to go out of the mind … Kudos to you and your whole team for bringing alive the icon on the screen. Over the 2 hour trance your film cast over the audience, one realizes how much pain went into that magical voice … Thanks for giving us 3 years of toil and painstaking efforts. Only lines that can justify KAAGAZ KI KASHTI and your amazing team – “Jism ki baat nahi thi unke dil tak jaana tha … Lambi doori tay karne me waqt to lagta hai.” … You touched our hearts exactly as his magical voice did over the last 40 years. The legacy continues.  Thanks Team MOBIUS.
– Madhav Ajgaokar

This is perhaps the best Indian documentary I have ever seen…not a moment’s slack in the 126 minutes … brilliant edited and woven … It has been worth the wait … you made us all very proud …
– Dolly Thakore

Making a biopic is not easy, as one has to obtain insights and information about protagonist’s life from available video and audio recordings of past events, and through interviews with  people who have been closely associated with key character. These have to be  then woven creatively  into a credible story , which when screened will keep audiences riveted. Kaagaz ki Kashti is mesmerizing in its narration and Jagjit Singh , whom we mostly saw on photo shopped glossy LP covers, moves into your heart by the time the film ends . One is able to appreciate better the innovations he bought to ghazal singing making it mainstream music. Apart form being a genius in music, his zinda dili  , benevolence and forbearance in the face of tragedy show him to be an extraordinary human being. The reserved Chitra Singh –  equally talented singer wife of Jagjit Singh –  opens up and shares interesting episodes from their  life together during happier times  and also towards the end when two successive tragedies  hit the family. The film inspires and elevates spiritually. 
– Mala Sinha

I saw this wonderful film by filmmaker extraordinaire Brahmanand Singh last week and highly recommend to anyone local to go to the next screening! This film explores and perfectly covers all the periods of his life from his early career to his sad demise. The archival footage is amazing … The film is in league with the best music or music personality docus that I have seen coming from anywhere Internationally, including films like the one on George Harrison by Scorsese …. Amazing work! It keeps you magically captivated … The thread that is woven by them throughout the film keeps the humour, sadness and all emotions going … the filmmaker and his wonderful team … are owed a debt of gratitude for archiving his life and in such an endearing way … 
– Andrew T Mackay

Director & Chitra Singh

Few more documentaries on some more prominent musical gems of India and Brahma will be one of the most formidable names for preserving India’s glorious past in Music & Musicians for future generations! Something that should have been Government Of India’s prerogative and initiative but it’s not! Even now it’s not too late for the GOI to back people like Brahma flushing them with funds- just to let them keep making films on such gems orelse they become a myth like Tansen! Thank you Brahma for the wonderful film – a worthy follow up after your RD docu … this is a masterpiece! 
– Sanjivan Lal

Brahmanand Singh’s documentary made me realise the presence of Jagjit Singh in my entire being … He &  his music were always part of all the stages of my life … The film makes me miss him in me … !!!
– Supavitra Babul

There are two steps involved in knowing who Jagjit Singh is — one is to listen to all Jagjit Singh ghazals … And the second is to watch the two hour biopic on him by Brahmanand Singh. Why else, is everyone’s eyes moist and why are we feeling so empty after seeing the film, why is the thought that it was very unjust that he passed away, he should not have … Without intending to, I am only looking for his songs after seeing the film … Through this film you have made the categories documentary, fiction, feature, non-fiction etc irrelevant … Cinema is perhaps only of two kinds — good and bad!The film has characters, situations, conflict, humour, fun elements, tragedy … everything … It felt as if we have set sail on a paperboat in a sea created by a conjurer …
– Raja Saheb

A brilliant film  … We laughed and cried and enjoyed it thoroughly ! Congratulations to u and ur team!
– Veera Rao

Working Still 4

Mesmerising, to say the least … Beautiful, evocative & emotionally charged … Great work of art … 
– Divya Dayal

The movie was great and definitely … Made with the heart n mind at right places. … You’ve done justice to a great man … Never realized when those 126 minutes passed away …
– Manu Goel

U hv made a really beautiful film that was absolutely rivetting!! Really engrossing. Very good story-telling achieved wth fantastic editing!
– Sulekha Bajpayee

Thanks for the lovely experience!  Another national award is in order
– Shabnam Sukhdev

OMG!  Can’t get over the film. It has left such a deep impact: masterpiece and crafted with so much love! Thanks for giving music lovers such a Soulful treat.
– Lovina Gidwani Jha

The kind of form Jagjit Singh endowed his ghazals, Brahmanand has managed a similar form for his documentary style … Simple, easy and beautiful … Alike for the elite as well as the common folks … For everyone, special, entertaining and sensitive!  
– Jhankar

Working Still 5

The film has left a deep impact. I have been unable to sleep. Am listening to and discovering new Jagjit’s work that I hadn’t heard before. Your work has immortalised the man definitely for me. An impeccable work of reverence and love!
– Geetu Varma

Take a bow!!! Watching your docu on JagjitSingh was a revelation y’day. A tear jerking insight into the legend’s life.
– Anuj Gurwara

A brilliant movie … In a true sense you have put his life in a capsule after lot of research and presented beautifully … you have mastered the art of documenting our Masters and present , preserve and project their life which they deserved !!! 
– Arjun Roy

I got to know so much more about him that I didn’t know. The different dimensions of his personality … Initially, it’s all light-hearted and fun. And then the sad moments and the resilience after that … then again sadness and then finally … just letting go. We all went through the same emotions that probably he went through.
– Smita Abby

Working still 1

Words can not really express how I felt while watching this documentary. It is touching, moving, and full of such rare footage that brought back fond memories of the Late, Great Ghazal Nawaz, Jagjit Singh … Soon after coming home I wrote to my friends about it. All of them, here in the US and India immediately wanted to know where they could view it … Once again, thank you. I feel privileged to have had an opportunity of viewing a Masterpiece.
– Satish Mullick

I laughed, I cried, I smiled. I cheered. I felt like I found a friend. A friend called Jagjit Singh. A friend who I came to know, love and loss in just 3 hours. The film left me feeling full and yet empty at the same time. You did it, Brahma. You did it again! It’s a real treasure….a great service to music lovers … An incredible piece of art!
– Rajesh Chandrashekaran

Beautiful film on that truly touches your heart and soul! Superbly directed!! 
– Indu Gehani

It truly is so touching … absolutely loved it … 
– Angela Sahgal

A clear winner, very beautiful narrative, seamless … full of life … It’s a journey the audience has with Jagjit … We cried with him and we loved and laughed with him .. Unbelievable achievement for a filmmaker and his team … The ending was perfect … Emotionally very  very moving … I cried a lot. This film will do to Jagjit what he did to Ghalib!!
– Gaurav Sharma

The film is truly all that a biopic should be …. warm, endearing and all encompassing … The evening was reallyyyy overwhelming … So much of one life brought on a canvas with such intimacy and warmth … The film overwhelms you … makes you laugh and break down in tears all at one go … Your sensitivity and your efforts have created something fabulous and precious … 
– Suhana Bhatia


What a beautiful movie you made. Left an impression in our minds … Thanks for giving a beautiful experience. 
– Rekha Vasta

What an amazing experience !! Thank You … For bringing to us, yet another masterpiece !!!
– Deepa Mishra

Yesterday I feel in love with this man all over again. He was so much more than his music. Thanks to this new masterpiece of yours. I have been driving on errands the whole day since the morning but my mind is on the film I saw last night.
– Anumita Singha

I had a smile and a tear through the film …it made me relate to a lot in my own life … it’s surely touched my heart and I know it will to each one who will see it. 
– Payal Kumar

It was such an emotional moment for all of us to watch the movie, Dil ke gehrayion tak kahi ghar bana le jaake… andar… aise Jagjit Singh ko ek film mein daalna mushkilhai … woh Brahmanand ji ne karke dikhaya …yeh iss generation aur aane wali peedi ko bhibatayega Jagjit Singh kya the …  (The way Jagjit Singh could touch the depths of your soul … To bring him alive in a film is difficult … Brahmanand has done that … This will tell generations to come what he was).
– Ronu Majumdar

Congratulations for putting your heart and Soul in the film.. simply loved it … Truly a wonderful film, right from the format, the conversations to the interviews with the contemporaries … your film won our hearts … It’s truly a soul connection the way you’ve made the entire film … and the way you had the lighter part along with you know which is difficult for us to take it  … I think you’ve balanced it out so well …we just thoroughly loved it … 
– Simran Deenz Ahuja


What a film it was!! It took 2 days for me to be normal and react !!! This can be compared to The Taj….to The Kohinoor…..There cannot be another film like this just like there cannot be another Taj or another Kohinoor or another Jagjit Singh!!!! KKK is a Masterpiece is created by you … Marvellous, outstanding and magical.
– Rajeev Deshmukh

A beautiful film with the right balance of emotions and his persona… Take a bow! 
– Geetha Balsara

After watching movie Kaagaz ki Kashti we are in different world… truly amazing movie..   
– Vishal Dhavan

U don’t know what you have done for millions of Jagjit ji’s devotees like me !!!! God bless u for this…you took ur own time so that you can make it d way you wanted it to be & we r 200% sure that it will be a great success & a truly masterpiece… 
– Devang Pandya

We are speechless …God will bless you for offering Jagjit Singh fans with the most precious work. Salute ! It’s the most mesmerizing piece of work … that I have seen in many years … The film has captured not just Jagjit Singh the singer … and not just Jagjit Singh the person who a fan knows … but Jagjit Singh the human … Jagjit Singh the man … Jagjit Singh the father … Jagjit Singh the husband … Jagjit Singh the mentor to so many people … it has actually touched upon so many aspects of Jagjit Singh … that I think for a fan … it’s going to be not a one view but I think people would like to see this multiple times …
– Shamir Tandon


Even those who know nothing about Jagjit Singh… will fall in love. 
– Shibha

What an overwhelming experience it has been!!! Beautiful journey of a beautiful soul!!! Well brought out …  
– Mehvish

Fabulous! Fantabulous! And Fantastic work …
– Jayanti Gosher

Bahot badiya! Main toh kuch bol hi nahi sakta hoon dekhne ke baad! (Excellent ! I am speechless after seeing it!!)
– Prem Tiwari

Brahma’s style of storytelling is really to bring to the audience that legacy which otherwise is always not known … an impactful film … 
– Bhupendra Sharma

Such kind of films will raise the bar for what I would say good quality films …
– Ravi Sinha

My kids … they are in the twenties and grown up in US … I’m hoping that this film revives their interest in Jagjit Singh’s great music … 
– Deepa Mishra

He will always hav a unique place in our hearts … He is not there but yet he is with us … That’s how the film makes u feel … Great experience …
– Manju Jain

Jagjit singh_01

I think this movie is going to really go and make his existing fans more nostalgic … and I’m more hopeful the youth who have missed Jagjit … they’ll connect with him … I think now you will see more first time listeners who have never experienced Jagjit coming into the realm … 
– Sumeet Vaid

People have heard great ghazals from him so far … A film like this obviously shows us his persona behind those wonderful melodies … pure sincerity, life, love and everything about him … This film extends his years of popularity … his name … further more … 
– Deepak Khazanchi

Film was outstanding … it was very very heart touching … its very emotional … He is the finest human being and I have known.  My elder brother, my icon, my life. You bought him alive so well. This will immortalise him.
– Ashwin Mehta

I think throughout the film … I was spellbound … The way Brahmanand Ji has handled this film … it’s a very tough and … the way he has brought out the different stages of Jagjit ji’s life … and … I mean how he has binded everything so beautifully that it moves silky smooth … and all the nuances of his life, his character, his feelings, his emotions … has come out so very well … it’s an awesome film … and I wish … I felt it ended too soon … it could have carried on and on
– Anjan Biswas

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Official Trailer 1 – Kaagaz Ki Kashti 

Kaagaz Ki Kashti – Trailer 2

Kaagaz Ki Kashti – Trailer 3 – 

Director’s View

Screening at MAMI

Kaagaz Ki Kashti was a part of the Indian premiere  at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star. It was screened on 25th October 2016 and 27th October 2016.


Response at MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2016 :

  • So happy to say this.. The best movie I have seen in this season of at Mumbai film fest is Kaagaz Ki Kashti Standing Ovation lasted for a minute
    – Zoheb
  • Kaagaz Ki Kashti after effect 🙂 Thank you brahmanand siingh. You have made so many people so happy today 🙂 Thank you Mumbai film fest Cheers
    – Zoheb
  • Brahmanandsingh kaagaz ki kashti dekhi. gazab film. Lots of love to u. Will watch it again when it releases.
    – Prince
  • Brilliant Film by Brahmanand Singh Mumbai Film Festival Kaagaz ki Kashti.. BrahmanandSingh  well deserved 2 minute standing ovation.
    – Simran Ahuja
  • Brahmanandsingh ‘s Kaagaz Ki Kashti at Mumbai film fest filled MAMI 2016 with cheers, tears, songs, and emotions. Thank You. Jagjit Singh
    – Harsh Desai 
  • Standing Ovation for 2 minutes,at the Indian Premiere of Jagjit Singh’s Kaagaz Ki Kashti.I am lucky to be in it and also mixed the 5.1 songs
    – Raja Sehgal
  • Jagjit Singh’s Kaagaz Ki Kashti review: Sailing across a sea of symphony and melancholy Brahmanand Siingh MAMI 2016
    – Cinestaan
  • Kaagaz ki Kashti receives a standing ovation from the audience at Mumbaifilmfest
    – Amit Gupta
  • Kaagaz Ki Kashti, a biopic on Jagjit Siingh ji is the perfect tribute on his 75th birth anniversary! Loved it! Jagjit Singh Comes Alive
    – Ruchie
  • Few days ago we managed to watch Mobius Films upcoming Jagjit Singh biopic Kaagaz Ki Kashti & we must say we enjoyed watching it
    – Madaboutmoviez.com


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